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Disney's Big Hero 6: Fred's Mansion Artwork

Some artwork from Fred’s House in Big Hero 6.

The first a Frazetta inspired Fred portrait. This changed a bit in the final, since they really wanted the audience to get right away that it was Fred. Originally, it was off in the background of Fred’s room, and really wasn’t supposed to be the center piece of any shot. Touch ups and changes for the final were made by THE Paul Felix. I still like this one though, since this is more “barbarian Fred”. Cory Loftis suggested the bat wings, because at some point, I actually thought an albino sabertooth tiger was enough.

Second is the Hero Poster used for a cross fade. The characters were supposed to line up with their poster counter part. I was supper happy that my idea for Wasabi scratching his head and the Ninja grabbing his sword made it through. I actually did name them (badly). Left to Right: Salamanowar, Haiaku, Grim, The Cobalt Chrome, KnightVision (a blind ninja), and Aura.

Third was my Homage to Todd Mcfarlane, and how when I was younger I really tried to draw like him. Damon Waynes Jr. was already recorded saying Dr. Synnister, but they had to change it after I rolled off of the show. I was given a lot of freedom on this one. I thought his puns would revolve around prescriptions.

Fourth, a portrait based off of John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Casper Goodrich. JIN KIM worked out the caricature of young Fred, since what I was drawing looked really freaky.

And lastly, a Fred Family Portrait with Stan "THE MAN" Lee. Caricatures courtesy , again, by the amazing JIN KIM.

Fred tiger bweb
Heroposter web
Drsynister 4todd
Fred family jk rl